The Year in Photos

Photos by VARIOUS


Photographers’ eyes never stop moving. Bursts of color, shifts in light, rarely noticed textures and pure emotion draw their observation and drive them to capture these instances. This collection of photos highlights that impulse with 14 images from 2015 taken by our staff photographers.

These images are not meant to be a year-in-review or a collection of best photos. Instead, they are an assembly of impressions. Columbia’s stories, people and social movements leave a mark on the city. They are footprints on a beach that were captured before a wave swept them away.

Graduate student controversy and Concerned Student 1950 dominated the end of 2015 when members of the MU community searched for change and strived for equality. But the year also had moments of familiarity, such as the stunning detail of a horse at the annual Boone County Fair or a unique perspective of Rock Bridge High School’s graduation.

The photographers documented these moments from new vantage points, told the truest stories possible and connected with Missouri. Their cameras were their tools, and our pages serve as a canvas for some of 2015’s most striking moments.

Whether they depict the booming streaks of color during an annual celebration or the determination of protesters, these images showcase life. It was a busy year for our photographers, who captured more than 4,000 images as they covered stories throughout the state. Here, we present to you an unranked selection of the lasting footprints from 2015. 


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